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Casper Crew VIP Discord Community

This Tier will give you FULL access to the VIP Discord in which I post regular analysis of the markets and potential trade setups for BTC, ETH and multiple altcoins.

This Tier will give you access to import Jayson’s charts with the levels & setups into your own Tradingview

This Tier will give you access to 14 monthly Patreon Exclusive Livestreams where we discuss our detailed trading plans for the coming days and weeks. Every week, there are at least three VIP livestreams where we discuss live price action, discuss our trading plans and look for trades in the moment. We go over BTC, ETH, Alts and occasionally other markets. These streams are hosted by me (Jayson), White Phoenix and Bojan. These streams are great for education and understanding how the markets move in real time! You will learn different styles of trading and approaches to the markets.

This Tier will give you full access to other Patreon exclusive read-only VIP channels where other talented members of the discord post their trade setups and technical analysis. These channels provide immense value as these traders provide expert level analysis as well as different styles of trading and analysis.

This Tier will give you access to ask questions about trading and charts. You can tag Jayson or our trading assistant Bojan and one of us will answer any questions that you may have as you navigate the charts

This Tier will give you access to the private TA discussion channels where you will find a vibrant community of traders sharing information and TA. The goal is education and creating an environment where we can learn together, build each other up while also having a good time 🙂

We also play games every month with some Juicy Prizes up to 500USDT

***************************** DISCLAIMER: All of the content available through this community is for educational purposes only. This is not financial advice and Jayson Casper is not liable for the outcomes of your investments or trades. Make sure you understand the risks involved in trading and investing by consulting a professional financial adviser, accountant or tax professional, and/or lawyer.

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